In 2023 I am building a fresh portfolio of 15 images. I will use these to attempt to achieve a Associate Distinction (AIPF) from the Irish Photographic Society.

The project is based around studio portraits. My statement of intent is:

I have always been fascinated by studio photography. It allows me to create a controlled environment where I can play with light, composition, and atmosphere to capture the essence of my subjects.

What I love most about this art form is the opportunity to create a connection with the subject and use the camera, lighting and direction to reveal a moment of vulnerability and truth that goes beyond appearances.

For me, each photoshoot is about creating a dialogue between myself and the subject, building trust and understanding, and working together to achieve a common goal. My ultimate aim is to capture the subjects’ personality and their truth in a way that resonates with them and engages those who see the final image.

With each session, I strive to learn something new, to improve my craft, make a genuine connection with the person I photograph. All of this together serves to deepen my appreciation and love of photography.

Alistair Thacker April 2023